Dixon Road

June is busting out all over!

This month I will be joining the workshop cast of Dixon Road. A new musical by Fatuma Adar at Musical Stage Co.. It most definitely feels like we are back in the theatre again, sans a dusty rehearsal room floor. Over a year later I find myself back in the world of theatre, I can honestly say it feeds me!

Dixon tells the story of a Somali family who immigrate to Canada in 1991 as the civil war begins to tear their homeland apart. They settle in Dixon Road, in a neighbourhood near Pearson airport that is still the heart of Toronto’s Somali community today. Combining traditional Somali melodies, R&B & Contemporary Verse, Dixon Road is an exhilarating new Canadian musical about legacy, displacement, and finding a new sense of home.

Safyia is going to be so interesting to learn and play. She is a beautiful expression of a matriarchal figure, and I get the sense she truly believes ‘ Small happiness can manifest into big things.’

Like my character Safyia in Dixon Road would say. Subhannallah – All glory be to God.

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