Hye’s Musings Interview

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to sit with Blackout creatures Anton Lipovetsky and Steven Gallagher to have a chat with Heidy M. from Hye’s Musing.

We have a chat about ‘Blackout‘ the musical. getting back to the stage after 17 months, the rehearsal period, our feelings on how the show relates to the pandemic and much much more. Hit play to hear our thoughts and watch the interview!

‘BLACKOUT is set on the evening of the blackout of 2003 and while this happened nearly 20 years ago, a musical about how Torontonians came together and found connection in the dark feels quite relevant today when the city is slowly coming out of the darkness of the pandemic and trying to reconnect.’

Tickets and more information on the show is available at musicalstagecompany.com.

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