Audition coaching is a terrific opportunity for actors to help optimize audition opportunities. An acting coach can to increase their chances of getting booked! No matter the size of the role, we will go through a process of Character Development, Script Analysis, Creating a Character Arc, and finding Behavioral Choices. This is imperative for clients who are looking to take the next step in getting called in / called back/ booking roles straight from their self-tapes. Most importantly these session will be FUN, encouraging, and foster an atmosphere of support!

Private coaching’s are booked in 30 minute to 1 hour-long increments.
Private coaching is available online zia Zoom, and Google Hangout.
Audition/ONE-ON-ONE Coachings are great for:
  • Graduate School Auditions
  • Film & TV Auditions
  • Theatre Auditions
  • Sample Work for Agents / Managers
Half Hour Session
  • *Includes Audition Reader
One Hour Session
  • *Includes Audition Reader