A Detailed Practice 

The purpose is to find an awareness of self. The practice is to support the mind through the practice of asana /Meditation/ and Visualization.

The goal is to open the path wards to find a life that is worthy of our truest self. For a lot of us the gateway is yogic philosophies and practices. We want to combines these teaching with Visualization and the various tools life affords us, to be able to sit with ourselves for extended periods of time, moving past the distractions of the body, as well as those that come from the perceptions we have taken on, and patriarchal constructs.

We all seek Self Realization. The knowledge and understanding of ones true self, where you become the most loved, the most supported, whilst being about to accept all comes from within. 

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You can find Yemie weekly with ‘Your Practice’ on zoom and online at Caravan Wellness

 bareMinerals named Yemie one of the 7 Black Yoga Instructors to Inspire.

Yemie also writes for Omstar Magazine, read her pieces here

Private Sessions

A space for you to be. We will explore Asana, Breathe Work, Alignment, Meditation, and Visualization. Becoming knowledgeable in the art of Yoga, but most importantly becoming the proprietor of your own self. As the journey goes on you will become confident to practice mindfully and safely. To use the tools learnt and apply them in your every day life. These private sessions will help you receive life’s optimal benefits. Start to awakening your essence, and transcend.  

Corporate Yoga 

A great way to connect. Helping you find the space for you and your team to focus. We will explore Breathing, Alignment, Meditation, Vizualisation. This class can be rejuvenating, charging, restorative, awakening, or a blend of all. These private sessions will help you receive yoga’s optimal benefits. Your team will  feel more connected to their work and themselves. Creating a work space that is conducive for growth to create an authentic work experience.  

Your Practice 

  • Every Tuesday on the Zoom. Come move your body to some dynamic flows. Restructuring how you feel about your self practice, through encouragement, empowerment, philosophy, and self worth.


  • Divine Feminine: Empowerment, Movement & Intersectionality 

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